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About Me

I have many passions in life and there were a few things I always knew I wanted to do by a very young age. I always knew I wanted to live by the beach, be a mom (I thought boy mom for sure) and be a photographer.  Many years later (after living in Europe for two years, and in seven US states), I am living in central Florida very close to the beach, a single mother to three absolutely incredible daughters, and I have been in business as a photographer (after an otherwise professional life in accounting) working for myself since about 2010.  


My favorite things include live music, the beach, yoga, running, crystals, and paddle-boarding.  The sunrise makes my soul happy and the sunset makes me feel at peace.  I will do almost anything for an adrenaline rush and most of all love spending quality time with my loved ones. I have been so blessed with the most amazing family and group of friends that have continuously supported me through all walks of life. 


I have a passion for people, for life, for moments and for connection.  I try to speak through photography by capturing moments, feelings, laughter, and love.  I cry at weddings, I gush over your newborn babies and love hearing each and every one of your stories.  I love making sessions fun and silly for your family and I will also capture your personality for your headshots, and showcase your real estate properties. 


We all have our stories, our struggles, our celebrations and those moments we never want to forget. I am forever grateful to have a job doing what I absolutely love, meeting the most amazing people, and have the opportunity to capture some of those special moments for you

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Port Orange, FL


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