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For the love of dollcake

Ahhh… my gorgeous babies showing off my favorite style in my current collection. I will be offering styled beach sessions throughout the fall and have decided to do a total destash and sell off my amazing dollcake collection to make room for new styles!!! If you would like to schedule, definitely get on my books ASAP because I am slammed with travel as well as weddings and local shoots... just wanted to give one last opportunity with this lovely dollcake collection!

These dresses will also be available for borrow during my Santa event in Deland @ Baker & Co!! I am so excited to work with this incredible couple in their fabulous store where they have handpicked each and every vintage item showcased. I had the opportunity to do a walk through last week with the shop owner, and it is absolutely perfect, and now I know where I will finish decorating my own house!! Be sure to check them out at or @bakerandcohome on Instagram. Details for this event will be posted in the coming months, but will take place the first weekend in December, so, save the date!!

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