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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

About a year and a half ago, a dear girlfriend of mine recommended I try Bikram yoga (now sometimes called Hot 90, hot 26 etc) I was told it was not for the faint of heart but has a healing property to the practice, physical as well as emotional healing. I was willing to try anything at that point to heal from the past year of change I’d had. The heat brings a kind of intensity to the practice (105 degrees+40% humidity) that not many people can fully understand unless they try it for themselves. I fell in love with it myself and this studio in particular.

I have practiced yoga consistently for over 20 years but never have a found a practice like I have at All Yoga NSB- my practice has grown more in the almost 2 years at this studio than it has total in the past 20+ years. It is an absolutely incredible community of yogis, the energy is beautiful and I have made some incredible connections and developed new friendships... I would highly, highly recommend the studio if you’re looking for a new space to practice and I would definitely recommend giving all the classes they offer a shot. It has also been freshly renovated over the last several months with new wood floors, lighting, plants and a fresh stock of gorgeous activewear and yoga gear.

All Yoga NSB is owned and operated by Amanda Williams and she has a handful of excellent instructors that teach regularly at the studio. They are located just off the north causeway in NSB and the website is where you can find more information about the studio and the classes they offer.

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