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Om Sunshine Yoga and SUP Yoga Tour

What an absolutely fabulous day at Alexander Springs. Being in Florida I never fail to be grateful for the absolute beauty we have readily available to us. We are surrounded by natural springs and have the ocean just moments away. Michele is not only an absolutely incredible yoga instructor specializing in Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga to name a few. She is not only excellent with directing a group, she brings the energy and vibe all while explaining the anatomy of the pose and the physical and emotional benefit of the pose. One of those women I have been so grateful to meet and have the opportunity to spend time with. She also teaches SUP yoga and leads absolutely phenomenal retreats from Florida to over seas. She is absolutely worth checking out, following and meeting!!

Facebook: or Instagram @omsunshineyoga

Here are some moments from our killer paddle a couple days ago! I am totally digging the paddle photography and even had the guts to paddle with my camera and zoom lens around my neck... dolphins last week, gators & turtles this week, & Denver next week!!

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